For the Midwestern Girls!

Hey Everybody,

Sorry for the edited repost from my old blog, but it’s fun to re-edit and find more eye-candy for my midwestern girls out there. So without further ado, an oldie but a goodie.

So during finals, everyone wants a person to cuddle with and listen to their problems. Some people are just horny. For those people, I’m blessing them with a few of my celebrity crushes and blessing your timeline, metaphorically.

It’s Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey….dancing, ‘nough said.

It’s James Freakin’ Marsters, the vampire girls should crush on instead of Edward Cullen. There is nothing hotter than a guy who gets himself a soul for you.

I guess I have a thing for Jameses, because look at James Lafferty. I mean, who doesn’t need a little Nathan Scott in their life? Am I right?

Chad Michael Murray as Tristan DuGray is honestly one of the most simultaneously frustrating and hottest characters of all time. Try to debate that, because you can’t.

I love David Boreanez in any part, but he’s just so beautiful and funny, he needed to be on this list.

The man with the perfect jaw, Colton Haynes. There is something wonderfully sinful about that boy’s jawline.

Tom Welling, the best Superman in my opinion. I mean look at those eyes and that smile.

tom welling 2.gif

I must have a thing for villainous vampy guys, because next up is Joseph Morgan.

joseph morgan 1

Finally, last but definitely not least, Chris Wood. I honestly don’t know if he’s more attractive in the Vampire Diaries as a psychotic murderer, Kai or in Super Girl as clueless alien,Monel. So, you get both.

So, hope I helped some of you guys with the stress of finals. If not, or you’re one of my male readers, sorry, and Good Luck with all your finals. We can do it!


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