My Bag

Hi Everyone!

An interesting tidbit to put in your U-Indy Girl file is that I’m a family oriented gal, especially with the recent arrival of my nephew. So, I tend to spend weekends going back and forth between my mom and dad’s house. Freshmen year I got some judgement for the amount of times I went home over the weekends, but if your family are your friends it’s kind of hard not to.

But, the reason I’m writing this is because I also get comments on the bag I take home with me. Apparenrosewood-weekender-bagtly it’s a large bag, at least to the guys that comment on it. It’s not a large bag though. If anyone has ever shopped at Vera Bradley, then you’ll understand the bag I’m describing. If not, then you can Google and make your own decision on the size of the bag. I have a Weekender bag in the pattern Rosewood. I have no idea if they sell this pattern anymore, as I purchased the bag a while ago. It’s dimensions are 18 ½” w x 12 ½” h x 7 ½” d. It’s basically a large backpack with handles and a strap.

Now for the people that believe this to be a large bag, they often ask what I put in the bag. Mainly to understand what they must assume to be a massive amount of things that I need  in order to necessitate an extra bag outside of a backpack. As an organizer, the idea of mixing my clothing and makeup with my school books makes me cringe. My mind goes to the worst possible scenarios, where my foundation spills all over my back pack or a scarf gets trapped in a zipper and then is torn to shreds when I open it.

So for all the people that wish to know what’s in my bag for a weekend trip, here goes:

travel-packing1)Two Outfits: I’m not a big fan of re-wearing clothing without washing it. Also, because anything could happen. We live in Indiana and Midwest weather is unpredictable. No one can catch me unprepared. Depending upon the outfits,
they can take up a lot of room or no room at all in my bag. Sweaters are space-stealers. And yes I always bring a pair of booties or close-toed shoes. Rain or snow is  inevitable in Indiana.

2)Cosmetic Bag: I was the head of make-up for my high school theatre department, so it can’t be expected of me to go somewhere for a weekend without my make-up bag. The organizer side of me would scream as well, because if I got invited to go somewhere, I would want to be prcosmetic-bag-man-quoteepared. My cosmetics bag is somewhat large. I like to put my jewelry, face wash and eye-makeup remover in this bag. It’s pretty much my toiletry bag really. Since, I am traveling to my home type places, I already have most bathing essentials, so I don’t need a separate toiletry bag.


3)Brush/Deodorant: These are really simple. I like my hair to be brushed, and I like to not smell. If I didn’t have a toothbrush at home already, it would be on this list as well. Really self-explanatory.


4)Chargers: I put my charger for my phone and for my laptop in my weekender bag sometimes, but not always. My chargers also might go in my purse or backpack, wherever there is extra space. Sometimes, I have so much leftover space in my weekender bag, that I put my purse in my weekender bag.


That’s really all that I travel with in my bag. My backpack just houses my Macbook and any textbooks I need for the weekend. I would have to do an entirely separate post to tell you what’s in my purse, so I won’t bore you with that here. I honestly, don’t view it as that much stuff, but maybe it is. So, comment about what you travel with or your thoughts on how much I travel with down below. Good luck in the next week, everyone!


U-Indy Girl


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