A Guide to a Single’s Valentine’s Day

Hey Everyone!

Valentine’s Day can be a rough day for some people and for others, it’s just another day on the calendar. For my people having a rough day, here’s my advice to you.

  1. Get a Warm Drink: I’m telling you, getting drunk will just make you feel worse, if you’re already down in the dumps. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate (really any warm drink you enjoy). wordpress blog header
  2. Comfy Pants: How can you feel good, if you’re wearing uncomfortable clothing? You can’t. Find some comfy sweatpants, leggings or pajama pants. lazy-clothes
  3. A Movie: Any movie. It could be a rom-com, it could be an action movie, it could be a sci-fi movie. Movies are an essential part to making you feel better. Watch your favorite movies yourself or gather your other friends and forget about your troubles. movie time.jpg
  4. Face Masks: This isn’t just for girls, guys can benefit from some skincare love too. Get a mask and pamper your skin. Hell, make it a spa night and relax.face-masks
  5. Chocolate Sale Day: After a night of self-love and care, drag yourself to the nearest convenience store where you can buy yourself some discount candy to snack on for weeks to come.Sydney Prepares For Valentine's Day

Hope all my people out there are having an amazing Valentine’s Day. If you have any special things you do for yourself, comment them down below!


U-Indy Girl


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