The New Semester

Hey Everyone!

The new semester started last week and we are officially on our way to almost being finished with this year! Unless you take summer courses and then I wish you luck on your long and tasking journey. And with a new semester comes a new hope. Hopefully, you haven’t already fallen behind in schoolwork, it was only syllabus week people. So here are some tips to get you into some good study habits for the coming semester.

  1. Calendar/Planner: As I stated last semester, your planner is your friend and even if you don’t want to use it to plan your entire day, it’s a good item to keep all due dates in. due-date
  2. Read the Material!: It’s hard and sometimes tedious, but reading the actual text is a great way to doing better in a class. Highlight important sentences and vocals and use sticky-notes to write down your own thoughts. To make it easier, make a reward system for yourself like for every chapter I read I get to watch and episode on Netflix, or for every page I read I get to eat a skittle.Camera 360
  3. Healthy Hobbies: It can’t be all work, work, work. There has to be some fun in the process. So instead of working your butt off the entire week and then drinking yourself into a coma during the weekend, make time in your week for healthy hobbies. It could be yoga, running, girls’/boys’ night, or anything that you personally find relaxing that doesn’t do more harm than more helpful tips to make this semester a success, refer to my blog on Study Tips!

If you have your own tips that help you get through a semester, please comment and share your wisdom. A person can never have to many tips. I hope all of your are having a wonderful beginning of the semester and wish you luck on making it all the way to May.


U-Indy Girl


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