5 Easy Hairstyles for Lazy Days

Hey Everyone,

As a college student it’s hard to get up in the mornings let alone make sure your hair isn’t a total bird’s nest. So I am hear to tell you that there is a way to make your hair look cute in less than five minutes and still make it to class somewhat on time.

1)The Fancy Ponytail- You’ll feel like Belle and only spend five minutes doing so.

5 min ponytail.jpg

The entire gist of this hairstyle, whether you add a cute bow to it or not is to not waste time overcomplicating it.

2) The Braided Ponytail- It sounds way harder than it is. In reality you choose a chunk of hair to braid and then gather it into your ponytail. No muss, no fuss and you look cute with not effort at all.

braided ponytail.jpg

3) The Headband and Bun Look- Literally just twist you hair into the quickest messy bun possible, and top it with a headband. Do not overthink it! Believe in your skills as a quick hair-stylist.


4) Messy Side Braid- This is literally my go to on lazy days when I want my hair out of my face. Just pull your hair to the side and braid super quickly.


5) Low Ponytail With a Twist- A creative ponytail that will add some class too your look, but not take any extra time.

professionally easy look.jpg


So, there you have it! Five easy hairstyles to keep you looking classy and in control for the day without any of the extra effort that curling or straightening requires. Good luck trying them out and I hope they save you some precious time in the mornings!


U-Indy Girl




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