Dorm Decorations

Hey Everybody!

So Halloween is literally just around the corner and if you don’t know what your campus does for Halloween go figure it out! My campus has trick-or-treating for kids in the local areas around us to come and get candy from students in the dorm. It’s one of my favorite traditions that U-Indy does, because we also decorate floor lobbies to make a fun environment for the kids that do come.

Even if you don’t have kids coming to your school it’s also fun just to decorate and revel in the fact that it’s fall and Halloween time! So, for all my fellow students out there that need to figure out how to decorate a small space cheaply, here’s some suggestions for you:

1)Trash-bag Spider Web: It’s the cost of a trash-bag, tape, and scissors. All you need to do is fold up a trash bag into a triangle and make some well placed cuts.


2)Wall of Bats: This one is so easy. All you need is black paper, tape, and scissors. You could probably get a ton of black paper at the dollar store so cheaply. Then you just have to make a few bats and stick them to your wall. Voila! A masterpiece.


3) Fridge Frankenstein: Now I know we can’t have full sized refrigerators in our rooms, but the lobby as one and we can totally decorate that! And again all you need is colored paper, tape, and scissors.


4)Window Silhouettes: Now they don’t have to be as fancy as the on below, but you can make your window look super cool with some black paper, scissors, tape, and imagination.

5)Mirror Messages: It doesn’t have to be Harry Potter themed, but lets be real; it’s much cooler when it is! And all you need is a dry erase marker and some creepy hand-writing.


Hopefully this gives you some inspiration when decorating for the Halloween season. Even though there are only a few examples there are so many things you can make with different colored paper, scissors, tape and an imagination. Good luck with your decorations!


U-Indy Girl


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