Blair Waldorf is my Spirit Animal

Hey Everyone!

It’s already established that college is a tough time. There’s no need to qualify that. But when the semester gets too tough and I feel like quitting, I go back and watch an episode of Gossip Girl. That show got me through my entire senior year. There is honestly nothing better than a good Gossip Girl marathon, but I digress.

Blair Waldorf may be an entitled rich girl, but she has a knack for hitting the truth with her witty remarks and rule the world attitude. So, I give to you, the reasons why Blair Waldorf is my spirit animal, forever and always:

1) She is an advocate of never giving up.

blair blog 1.gif

2) She taught me to own all my flaws.

blair blog 2.gif

3) She understands that insecurities are a part of life.

blair blog 3.gif

4) She knows to always speak your truths.


5) She is the queen of forgiveness.


6)¬†She’s not afraid to put her heart out on the line.


7) But, she also¬†doesn’t let her emotions dictate her life.


8) She is unafraid to go after what she wants.


9) She’s a realistic optimist.


10) Finally, she doesn’t let fate or destiny boss her around.



Those are the reasons that Blair Waldorf is and forever will be my spirit animal. Tell me what or who your spirit animal is in the comments below.


U-Indy Girl


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