Exercise in College

Hey Everybody,

College is an adventure, and what comes to mind in when the word adventure is mentioned? Hiking, exploring, wandering, are all acceptable answers. What the college recruiters and marketers don’t tell you is that, much like high school for the next four years, you will become a very sedentary creature, if you’re not involved in sports or have a job with high labor requirements. tv-shows-34

Now, you may wonder why I’m blogging this to you at all, and the simplest answer is that no one wants to gain the freshmen fifteen, or the sophomore thirty or any amount of weight that can be attributed to the factors of college life.

Let me set the scene for you:

tv-show-56You’re a college student away from home for the first time, and have few prior experiences in managing your own schedule. When classes start you feel capable of handling the stress of assignments and projects; yet when your pants become tighter its hard to ignore that while you’re not sweating the school work, you’re not sweating it up at the gym either.

How can this problem be resolved? Now most would say time management, and I’m all for that, but personally I hate working out in a gym. First thing that needs to be done, is get daily vitamins. Your body is not getting all the vitamins and minerals it’s used to from home and it’s good practice either way, so take the vitamin. Also, vitamins help with metabolism. A lot of us are at the age where our metabolism is slowing down, taking a vitamin will help with that.

Now, to kick the sedentary habit. Honestly, I haven’t done that. Sure, I do yoga a couple times a week, but not the type of yoga that melts fat away; I do the yoga that melts mental stress away.

The real trick to losing or maintaining your healthy weight in college is to find ways to get small workouts in. If you watch Netflix while doing homework or to relax, pick a word that’s used often in the show and every time it’s said do a push-up or a crunch.  There are millions of television show workouts on Pinterest. tv-show-29

Another way is to make working out a habit. Somewhere in some science class along the line, I was told that you just have to do something three days in a row to make it a habit and stop doing it for three days to break the habit (doesn’t count for substance abuse). So, for three days in a row, add a workout regimen to your schedule, make it part of your daily life, until it gets to the point that it seems weird when you aren’t participating in physical activity for the day.


U-Indy Girl


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