Tips to Keep up with the Semester!

Hey Greyhounds!

So, we’re almost a month in and now is the time when things start to slip and we make the mistakes of thinking we’re ahead or that we don’t have anything we need to be doing. Then we get sucked into the Netflix blackhole and that’s hard to crawl back out of. I mean, once you’re in season two, episode fifteen, you might as well forget all of your aspirations for the semester, because they’re down the drain along with the main character’s love interest. Just admit it to yourself.

1) Know Your Due Dates!

due-date It seems like such a no-brainer, but it’s where most the confusion and procrastination comes from. My advice is to have due dates in multiple locations that can be seen. I’m not saying overwhelm yourself, I’m saying that everyone needs a reminder. No one wants to be the person staying up till 3 am to complete a ten page term paper, no one. If you know the due date, you can work on any and all projects a little bit at a time, so that it doesn’t feel totally overwhelming and all-consuming. There’s a reason every teacher we’ve ever had has told us not to procrastinate and it’s not because they want to waste words. It really helps your mental health to plan out what needs to get done for the week.

2) Plan it Out!Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Once you know when it’s all due, it gets easier from there. Never feel like everything has to be done in a day. It won’t happen and it will leave you feeling frustrated and stressed out. Before the week starts, so Sunday night or Monday morning, look at the week ahead, and plan out what you need to do on each day of the week to stay on top of school work, family time, study time, exercise time…etc. Anything that you want to make time for, make time for it. If you see that you’re going to be slammed with math work one day, then make the next day more English focused. Never block a day out, where it’s all study, study, study, either! That’s freaking crazy and unproductive. On paper it seems fantastic, but after two or three hours of staring at textbooks and a computer screen you’re going to want to scream. Schedule in time for fun and relaxation. Heck, block out a chunk of the day for me-time, you deserve it!

3) Stress is Your Kryptonite!


It’s so easy to stress yourself out, when there’s lists of things to do and it seems almost impossible to get it all done, even after it’s been broken down into manageable chunks. As soon as you start to feel stressed, as soon as you can get away from whatever  the hell is stressing you out for thirty minutes. Grab a blanket and a warm drink, cuddle up on top of your bed and listen to some soothing tunes. Think through your stress, if you feel the need, journal your stress. Don’t let the stress build up and eat away at you until you explode, it’s mega unhealthy. Arm yourself with positive thoughts and good vibes, and put a no-stress sign up over your brain.

4) Study!

Never wait until the week or weekend before the test to start studying the material. It’s studyingoverwhelming and hard to remember things that were taught and learned what seems to be eons ago. Do yourself a favor and whenever you do homework for a class or are learning new material, glance back over the older material, give yourself a three to five minute refresher. Don’t spend megatons of time on it, but don’t skip out on it either. It will make studying for the test ten million times easier, because everything will still seem relatively fresh in your brain instead of almost fifteen weeks old.

5) Sleep!


Again, a serious no-brainer, but everyone overlooks this. You can’t expect your body to perform well on two hours of sleep a red bull and a shot of espresso. That’s not how your body works, I mean it would be great if it did, but it doesn’t. So, get at least seven to eight hours of sleep. Whether that means going to bed earlier, or scheduling later classes for the next semester, your body needs rest, so get you some. Being sleep-deprived will make it easier for you to get stressed out and cranky. It’s hard to work when those factors are at play. Sleep fixes most college problems: writer’s block, you’re probably tired, can’t think of the answer, it’s right in front of you, you’re probably tired. When you feel like you can barely function, you’re tired. Put the coffee and caffeinated beverages down, grab a blanket and get some sleep. It will all make sense when you wake up.

I hope these tips help you out when making it through the rest of the semester. Good luck, Greyhounds. Blog ya later!


U-Indy Girl


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