College Beauty Advice

Hey Everybody,

So as a sophomore, I have found that you don’t want to look like a slouch for your classes, but you also don’t want to waste precious sleep or morning time to look good. So here are my tips to help you make it through.

1. Tinted Moisturizer/ BB Cream / CC Cream:


I recommend Neutrogena’s Skin Clearing complexion perfecter, because it gives you just the right amount of coverage and can be applied quickly like a moisturizer. For those who have acne it also helps clear up your face demons while it covers them. So it’s a win-win situation. Fast, easy and professional.

2. Blush


For this, any brand will do, any shade that fits you will do. But it’s a simple and quick swipe of a brush that frames your face way faster than any Kim K contouring will. Keep it simple when you’re in a time crunch. Remember, a little bit of blush goes a long way.

3. Mascara


A good mascara is key. With a few swipes, you go from tired eyes to wide awake and sparkling. I highly recommend any L’oreal mascara, but especially any of the Butterfly Collection mascaras, due to their wands. The longer ends are great for lengthening your lashes, while the shorter side of the wand is literal magic for reaching areas closer to your eyes. Also, if you have super long lashes, you don’t have to care about having super even eyeliner, or making perfect wings.

4. Brow Pencil


Now, this item, may seem like less of a no brainer for someone that wants to spend less time getting ready, but a good brow pencil, saves you a lot of time and frames your face. Now if you already have dark brows, this step might now be as necessary to you, but as a strawberry blonde, eyebrows are serious business. Stroke of Beauty makes an amazing dual sided brow pencil, with the pencil on one end and a black spool-ie on the other. It is made so perfectly that I can do my brows in about thirty seconds.

5. Chapstick


The last step, is just pure personal care in my opinion. A good chapstick, no matter the brand, tinted or non-tinted is a girl’s real best friend throughout the entire year.


So the real tips to gain from this, is that framing your face is the point of these products. But instead of taking an hour to get ready face-wise every morning you can crack it down to five minutes. And once you get it down to a science, like I have you can break records and get your morning makeup done in three minutes without feeling like you’re rushing yourself.

Now that you have the knowledge, make sure you have the materials or something similar that works for you and set your alarm for a little later tomorrow morning and try out a new and hopefully shorter routine!


U-Indy Girl


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