Hey Greyhounds,

Yesterday was terrifying in terms of uncertainty and fear factors that are really indescribable, but at the same time, we’re safe, there wasn’t a bomb and we’re back at it again for another day of classes, before we’re released for a long weekend of labor day relaxation.

I’ve honestly never been as proud as I was to be a greyhound as I was yesterday. In all the panic and uncertainty, we banded together, got people in cars and off campus to safety. Even if you had never met a person before, they were willing to help, to pick up a car load of people, drop them somewhere safe and then drive back to get more people. And when the all-clear was given, everyone was still there for each other to get us back to campus.

I’ve already said my thanks to the people that helped me yesterday, but if you haven’t see if you can find them and thank them. I know it was only a possible bomb, but the fear was real and I’m overwhelmed with the amazing community of greyhounds, professors, staff, and students that occupy this campus.

Stay safe and if anyone needs someone to talk to, message me or comment below. Also, know that we weren’t alone in our fear yesterday. Friends at Ball-State were in a different but terrifying situation yesterday with sightings of anĀ armed man on their campus, that they were told to take shelter from. Thankfully they were told that they could leave shelter sometime last night. I’m not sure of all of the specific details, on who the gunman was, or when he was caught, but when I find out, I will post updates.

Remember to stick together and stay safe, not just my fellow Greyhounds, but all Hoosiers.


U-Indy Girl


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