Hey Everyone!

I am so totally sorry for not posting for like two, maybe three months :(. But, I’ve been working most of the summer as a nanny , so it’s a little hard for me to find time to blog and watch kids at the same time.

It’s been a busy summer and I can’t believe how fast it’s flying by. I mean, we still have two months until the fall semester, but the weeks will fly by. Plus, I’m heading to Mexico in two weeks, I promise to blog photos. I am honestly so excited that I get jitters thinking about it. It’s my goal to fill every page of my passports with stamps. I’m still upset about last summer, when I was traveling in Europe and that I did’t get a stamp for Wales or Ireland, because they’re all part of the UK and I had gotten my stamp going into London.

Also, I’m looking for new music artists to get into and really explore, so if anyone has any suggestions, comment down below!

Hope you’re all having as great of a ┬ásummer as I am!


U-Indy Girl


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