Rant Right Now

Hey Everybody!

I can hardly believe that this is the last week of regular classes before the end of our spring semester! Of course, I’m staying for Spring Term this year, so I still have a month to go, but we’re finally drawing the school year to a close.

Now, as you’ve noticed, the title says this is going to be a rant, and it will! Don’t be fooled by my kind intro, this U-Indy Girl is a little peeved at the moment. As a procrastinator I have spent more time on Netflix the last week than I probably should and in doing so, I’ve re-watched a lot of the episodes of Bones that are available to stream. I’ve watched the show as every new episode comes out, so some of the changes in characterizations are hard to notice, unless you’re jumping around to different seasons like I did.

Now, to the reason for this rant, has anyone else noticed the change in how Temperance Brennan is characterized? Watching episodes from the first season, Bones is totally relatable and seems more human. Also, she works with the bones, not interns. Yes, she had Zach Addy, but he was only shown doing some of the work.

In later seasons, especially after she marries Booth, Bones rarely has moments where the audience can view her secret emotional side. She seems super icy and cold-hearted as the seasons go on. That’s not just with her relationships either, but in how she deals with the bones. You rarely see her working on bones in Limbo anymore.

I understand, that as a mother, she can’t spend all of her time in Limbo anymore, but she’s barely at the office either. She’s always at the crime scenes with Booth. Plus, I miss all of the super cute moments when she opens up to Booth. Yes, they’ve known each other for years by now, but you can still learn new things about the person you’re married to.

My main problem is that I miss the old Brennan. She was a person that you could relate to and understand and now she’s not. I just miss the Brennan that you would see documenting the bones in Limbo, telling her story about growing up and how it shaped her. Now, it’s like the writers have run out of ways that growing up the way she has, has effected her and just leave the way she is as an unexplainable thing.

I want to see how the way she was raised effects how she raises Christine. Because, there’s no way it hasn’t. Plus, they spent only snippets of episodes to explain what happened to her and Christine on the road.

And to end this rant, on a complete side note, I really wish they would find a way to give Hodgins his money back, because honestly, Hodgins without money is like Spencer Reid with a low IQ; it just doesn’t make sense.

Rant over.

Thanks everyone for making it through that if you did. I wish all my fellow Greyhounds luck in their last two weeks.


U-Indy Girl


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