My Life as Told by Gary from SyFy’s Alphas

My life as told by Gary:

I know…

gary meme 2

and that…

gary gif 4

so I have to get up a little early to achieve that..

gary gif 6

yet even when I get up early…

gary gif 7

and then I frantically try to get to class on time…

gary gif 13

yet once I’m ready for the day…

gary gif 9

And I’m always in the zone in class and in group projects so…

gary gif 11

which makes me feel like…

gary gif 10

then I get caught up in studying and forget lunch :(…

gary gif 5

which means when any person in my afternoon classes tries to talk to me…

gary gif 8

or like this…

Gary gifs 3


Thanks everyone for reading! Also, if you haven’t yet, and love SyFy shows, you should watch Alphas on Netflix. Good luck Hounds with the last few weeks of the semester!


U-Indy Girl





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