Spring Break!

Hey Everyone!

We only have one more week to get through before Spring Break! So for anyone that is not going anywhere but home for break, I feel ya. Especially because as a private college our spring break does not line up with anyone else. While sad, this is a fact that we have come to accept.

So while we waste away at home for a week, or rejoin the high school groups we left behind not to long ago, we all know, that we will also binge watch Netflix so much that the Continue Playing button will seem like our new friend.

During these times of binging you may run out of movies or shows to watch. So for those of you who will binge with me, I give you a list of shows and movies that never get old and should be revisited anytime a Netflix browser is open.

1) Friends: Because when you need to laugh, where better to than the 90s?


2) One Tree Hill: it’s a must see and walks you through every emotion possible. Bonus: There are like 9 seasons, so it could be a season a day for you!

one tree hill cast

3) The Justice League: If you want a good throwback, what better a show? I definitely started my days with this show and Teen Titans which unfortunately is not on Netflix, but should be. One of you should start a petition…

justice league.jpg

4) Heathers: Sure the musical is out now, but the original movie is chock full of 80’s hilarity and who can resist Christian Slater? Not me. So for some dark humor and twisted laughs watch this one!


5) Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Love the supernatural? Love 90’s California girl talk? Or just Sarah Michelle Gellar? Then enjoy 7 seasons of what I like to think of as the best television show to grace our generation. And plus Angel and Spike are too beautiful to resist.

the buffster


If I think of anymore I’ll post them! Good luck to all my fellow Greyhounds as we push through the last week before break.


U-Indy Girl



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