Hey Everyone!

It has not been my day. Honestly, I’ve felt like napping the day away, not even binge watching the day away, but just sleeping. It’s also seemed like the longest week since I’ve started college. With four exams this week, it’s been worse than finals. So I’d thought I’d blog at you guys a little bit, because I just need to get this day off my mind.

It’s been raining since late yesterday night and it started to turn to snow this afternoon which has contributed greatly to how much I’ve wanted to sleep today. And from all the Yaks I’ve seen, everyone else on campus has the same idea as I do.

The one thing I noticed on campus today, that I haven’t really noticed before is how many guys on campus check girls out. Normally, everyone just walks really quickly and don’t really stop to look at each other. But today, everyone had to slow down, because of the slick sidewalks and there was lots of awkward eye contact as people gave each other the once over. So I now know to look super good on bad weather days, because that is when I’ll be checked out. Just a little fyi for you guys.

But good news guys! I’ve got a summer job as a Nanny and I’m going to Isla Island in Mexico this summer! ┬áSo you will definitely be seeing pictures of the trip.

I’m still setting up this site to my specifications, so keep coming back and checking it out as I add more and more to the site.


UIndy Girl



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