Hey Everyone!

It’s Midterms time again! It seems like this semester has flown by. That my freshman year here has just flashed by in┬áthe blink of an eye. I myself, have four exams this week and midterms don’t even begin until next Monday. I wish everyone the best of luck on their exams and that you get enough sleep to wake up in time to actually take the exam.

And has anyone noticed that when we need coffee the most, The Perk at Schwitz’s espresso machine dies or they run out of coffee? Like, it’s a coffee place, so how in the world can it run out of coffee?!?! Hello, if you’re a business that deals in mainly coffee, there should be some form of backup. Yet there never is. You walk in the bitter cold wind to go and get coffee and then you’re told “Sorry, no hot drinks”.

Another problem that has seemingly arisen out of nowhere on campus: we now must schedule the entire year! To add to that, they’re changing the scheduling program online, right before, or as they say “just in time”, for us to schedule. So to beat the rush, I advise you to get to your adviser and get things hashed out for next year, especially if you’re unsure of what you need to take before the rush of appointments. Because, I know that my advisor gets crankier the closer it is to registration day, because there is always those people that wait until the day before to go in and they only have maybe two classes picked out.

Do yourself a favor, figure out your schedule, have the paper completely filled out and if ┬áthere are some classes that you have to take next year or in a certain semester and there’s a problem, that is the sort of question you should bring to your advisor. Do not bring your 4 year plan and a blank scheduling sheet, your advisor will want to scream and secretly or not so secretly hate you.

Once you do all of that you can breathe and that stress is gone! So good luck fellow Greyhounds and I hope that you survive midterms!


UIndy Girl



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